Dot liner is a project that combines the drawing by dots and the reaction game. Tap the screen in time and move from dot to dot, opening the polygonal drawing step by step. In this game, not only the gameplay itself is interesting, but also a collection of cool bright pictures — for example, we have a special pack with cats. Everybody loves cats!
Don't stop, Fox!
Run and collect coins... Seems simple, right? But will it be so easy, when you are hunted by clones, who mimic all your movements? This game is a fight with yourself. Can you outwit yourself?
Dot liner
Do you like drawing by dots? What about reaction games? We combined these two genres into one game: tap the screen in time, drawing the polygonal image step by step. And the collection of cool bright pictures will be a reward for you.
Kittens: what cat are you?
Funny face scanner for children and for all those who love cats: just take a selfie and find out what kind of cat you are today! Repeat the scan to discover other cats and learn more about cat breeds.
Money cash clicker

Earn virtual billions in the game about wealth — you just need to swipe the bills off the screen. You start with a simple mafia assistant, but develop your business — and you will keep growing rich without doing anything!
Squishy toy DIY
The new version of our anti-stress ball: more colors, more textures, more ways to de-stress! And also there is a viscid slime, pleasing to the eye and to the touch — you can tap and swipe it with your finger, without becoming dirty.
Survival craft quest
This game combines 3-in-a-row and survival genres: your plane crashed on an island full of dangers. Explore the wreckage of the aircraft, collect resources, craft tools. Try to survive to get back home!
Fairy forest: prince & spirit
Dark magic has thrown you into another world. But you are not as simple as you think too: change day and night to defeat enemies on your way and get out of this enchanted forest. An intriguing game with a magical design and unusual controls.
COPS: Carrot Officer Puzzle Story
"Sokoban" style slider game: find a way out of the maze, but keep in mind that the enemies repeat all your moves! Uncover the mysteries of the storyline: investigate the sequence of crimes in the city of Broccolyn!
Appache is not only a company, but a community of people united by a common cause and common interests. Everyone in our team can say that he has a job he loves and that his colleagues are friends. Creating something new and interesting is especially pleasant among friends. We love games and express this love through creativity and the development of new projects.
We are Appache — indie mobile games and applications development team. We seek to create emotions in our projects. We are...
We are looking for something new in the game world and testing various hypotheses to become better. At the beginning of our journey, the experiments were the foundation of our work — we created some crazy games like "Portal for Finger". We still are not afraid to try something new, because experiments are the key to the growth.
Our projects must be interesting both in the finished form, and in the process of working on them. Trying to provide the user an exciting gaming experience, we also try to get the most of positive emotions from our work. For example, sometimes we leave little easter eggs in games and give characters our names.
Games can only be created by those who play them. After all, we ourselves are representatives of the audience for which we create. Learning more about ourselves as players, we also learn about the approach to our users. Therefore, we spend evenings playing board and computer games, and, of course, we don't forget about mobiles either.
We appreciate adequate criticism, fresh ideas and honesty, because open dialogue is the basis for the effective interaction of team members. We do not have a strict hierarchy and bureaucracy that impedes free communication: each member of the team can make suggestions in the course of creating a project, and will be heard.
We have come a long way, where there were a lot of things: simple applications, insane pranks and small games. Now we have grown up, gained experience and seek to make high-quality and interesting games. It is important for us that our projects are really interesting not only for ourselves, as developers, but also for our users.
Fun provides lightness and openness for greater efficiency in the workflow. We have our own sticker pack in Telegram, as well as many local memes that are directly related to the workflow or specific employees. Yes, we are not afraid to joke on each other, but we do it solely with love.